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That said, there's a new wave in screens that I'm a little sorry we're not seeing here. Razer and OnePlus have both gone to hertz screens on their leading devices, a move that makes scrolling feel smoother and would increase the responsiveness of drawing apps using the S Pen. I wish Samsung had made that move here, too. There's an ultrasonic, in-display fingerprint sensor two thirds of the way down the screen. While it's accurate if you get your dry, clean finger oriented correctly in the right spot, it suffers from the problems that all the in-display fingerprint sensors do right now: There's no physical guide where to put your finger, and it has real trouble with off-angle touches.

There's no other phone with a similar feature.

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The S Pen is an intelligent, active stylus with pressure and tilt detection. If you want to write or draw on another kind of phone, you're stuck with a capacitive or Bluetooth stylus.

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Capacitive styli like those on the LG Stylo series don't have pressure sensitivity, and Bluetooth stylii sometimes lag. The S Pen also tucks into a slot built into the phone, which makes it much harder to lose than an Apple Pencil. If you're going to use an S Pen, you want to put your phone in a case. Ever since the Note 8 introduced curved screens, I've had some issues with trying to draw on the screen without touching the edge of the curve.

A case really helps. The Note 10 pen is definitely more responsive than the Note 8 pen, with better pressure sensitivity in Samsung Notes. Adobe Sketch developed lag when we added too many layers, though, which is surprising and infuriating on a device with 12GB of RAM and a 2. Samsung's "let's throw things at the wall" approach to software features has popped up here again.

It keeps adding new ways to use the S Pen, trying to see if they stick, but they're generally so haphazardly integrated that they fall flat. Two years ago, it was Live Messages, which let you draw animated messages. It's cool, but was never integrated into any popular messaging program, so few people use it. This year, it's AR Doodle. On paper, the AR Doodle idea is super cool. You can draw persistent augmented-reality objects in space and take photos and videos that include them, like this:.

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The problem is that the AR Doodle tools are lousy and there's no eraser. All of the drawing options are these worm-like, shiny pipes, and as soon as you make a mistake you have to start over. That gets old fast. The top complaint, though, is that the phone is just so big it's hard to hold while drawing. That's part of why I'm excited by the smaller Note 10 model, which has the S Pen, but which you can also better grip with one hand.

For more writerly types, Samsung Notes also now tries to auto-recognize handwriting and transfers it into Microsoft Word.

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This is another good idea that doesn't quite work because you can really only write three or four words on a line, so everything comes out squashed to one side of the document. Still, the note-taking experience on a Note is like that on no other phone, because you can scribble rather than having to look at a touch keyboard.

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If handwriting is still automatic to you which feels like a Gen X proposition , that means you can write while looking at something else, which is a big deal. The S Pen also now works as a remote control for the phone's camera. If you have the phone on a mount, you can switch cameras or change zoom by waving the pen around.

I found that less useful than just using the pen's button as a remote shutter, which lets you hold the phone at more distant or daring angles for selfies. The remote shutter feature is on the Note 9 and the smaller Note 10, though, so it isn't unique here. We got 9, on PCMark and 11, on Geekbench multi-core. The OnePlus benchmarked better at web browsing, though, at OnePlus has always been really good at UI optimization, and that shows on the browser benchmark score.

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One thing to note is that you can improve effective graphics performance by turning down the screen resolution. It's important to note the smaller Note 10 doesn't have a microSD slot.

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That means you'll get better LTE performance than on any previous generation of phone, or any iPhone. This Samsung generation also brings new Wi-Fi capabilities. The S10 and Note 10 are among the first mainstream phones to support To take advantage of that you'll need an But if you intend to keep your phone for three years, buying an At PC Labs we still have On both 2.

This can mean the difference between some connection and no connection in a public Wi-Fi hotspot, for instance. See How We Test Phones. But to achieve the bezel-less screen, the earpiece has been moved to the very top edge of the phone. That model uses Qualcomm's first-generation X50 modem, the same as we've seen in other first-gen 5G phones, and it works with Verizon's millimeter-wave 5G network in a small number of central cities right now.

The biggest concern I have is that all the Xbased phones so far have overheated and dropped to 4G in hot weather. According to experts I've talked to, Verizon could fix this by slowing down 5G data access on the phones, but it may not want to do that so it can keep showing off spectacular speeds.


On the other carriers, things are messier. On Sprint, the situation is totally unclear. This isn't at all what I'd been hoping for. That's not the case. Who is DeX for? Samsung's "desktop experience" was previously a way to turn your phone into a PC by attaching a keyboard, mouse, and monitor.